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03 August 10

Sugal & Damani has been granted license to run online lotteries in Lagos (Nigeria) through its international arm “Winlot”.

03 August 10

Sugal & Damani has been granted license to run the national lottery in Tanzania through its international arm “Winlot”.

Lottery lotter for fundraising Lottery administration promotion

There are 190,000 Charities registered with the Charity Commission with a total incoming resource of nearly £51 billion. As many charities struggle to stay afloat during the current economic environment, partnerships and collaborations are a way of ensuring their survival. The need for Charities to continually seek new methods of fundraising and income generation has never been so important.

Lottery for Fundraising

External Lottery Managers can play a key role in such partnerships, bringing its administration and distribution support to ensure that the Charities are able to raise funds. Lottery is a good way to raise funds for a society, as players can donate to the charity while giving themselves a chance of winning a worthwhile prize for a modest outlay.

How can SDUK help you?

A lottery appeals to both existing supporters of the charity, and to individuals who may not currently support the charity financially, but are aware of it. Existing charity supporters will play the lottery in addition to their current support because of the chance of winning. SDUK ainms to help charities across the UK to raise funds by offering the following services:

  • Lottery Administration
  • Promotion